About MESI

The Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. (MESI) believes that all people are valuable members of the human family, and that when treated with respect and dignity, are more likely to respond positively toward themselves and the community. It is with this spirit that Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. promotes self-sufficiency and community integration by providing safe and nurturing shelter and transitional living environments for the temporarily homeless of Manhattan.

Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. houses men, women, and families. MESI provides emergency shelter, transitional living opportunities, and individualized case management to meet the immediate needs of the homeless in Riley and surrounding counties. Additional programs are offered to improve the success of clients including referral services, life skills classes, limited transportation services and advocacy. In 2009, MESI, will be starting two permanent supportive housing programs to serve single individuals with mental illnesses and families.

The mission of MESI is to serve those in need and give them the support and resources that they need to get back on their feet and make permanent positive changes to their life. Each client receives individualized case management to meet their needs.

About our residents

About 475 people every year utilize the services at MESI.
We believe that this number will grow with our higher occupancy shelter and our permanent housing programs opening.

We serve the Manhattan and surrounding areas. The Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. (MESI) opened its doors in 1985 to meet the needs of Manhattan’s homeless population. Since opening, we have served over 11,875 clients.

The people who come to MESI needing shelter are from all different backgrounds and life situations. MESI doesn't see one "type" of person or situation more than another. This is one of the reasons that each client receives individualized case management to suit their needs and situation.

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